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Elder Scrolls V skyrim announced! =D

This is one of the two games where I screamed like a little girl when I found out it was coming out. The other being Portal 2. Bethesda announced at the Spike Video games awards TES:V skyrim. For those of you who played Oblivion, remember bruma? Well Bruma is around Skyrim. It’s home of the Nords! It’s disappointing that we don’t get go back to cyrodiil, but a new Elder scrolls game is epic! The best part is it comes out roughly around November. They set a date for 11/11/11 but we all know how games can be delayed.

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Minecraft enters beta! BETA!

Yeah! Minecraft enters beta on the 20th. Do you know how awesome this is? ITS EPIC! 😀

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Game Releases

So this week the new Bad company 2 DLC comes out on the 18th. Should be a good Christmas gift.

X-Men Arcade comes out on the 14th. It’s a port of the original arcade game. I’m not sure if I would get this or not. But if you’re a die hard X-Men fan, get it and tell me how it is.

Quake Arena Arcade comes out on the 15th for XBLA, I don’t about PSN though.

Super Mario Bros All-Stars comes out on the 12th. It includes Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: the lost levels, Super Mario Bros II and Super Mario Bros III

And last but not least, Sackboy’s prehistoric moves comes out for PSN on the 14th. This should be fun if your into Little Big Planet. I don’t have a PS3 but I played Little big planet at a friends house and it was awesome.

For full article go here

Alright, Im going to go play the TF2 beta, Peace out!

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IGN(Inside Gaming News) Announces GoTY

IGN announces GoTY and more in this video!

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Need 4 Speed Hot Pursuit III (N4SHP3)…. Long

Hot Pursuit's Windows and United States cover art.

Developer: EA Canada

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Series: Need For Speed

Platforms:Microsoft Windows

Play Station


Microsoft Xbox



With police pursuits reintegrated into the game, Hot Pursuit’s gameplay now consists of two categories. The first encompasses standard racing, as it has been in its predecessors, The Need for Speed and Need for Speed II, in which the player is allowed to race against one (including split-screen races) or seven other racers in normal circuit racers, knockouts, or tournaments (which allow the player to unlock bonus vehicles and a bonus track). The second category is dubbed the “Hot Pursuit,” where police pursuits are included in races; the mode allows the player to select a standard sports car to race against a single opponent in a police-scattered track, and in the PC version only select a police variation of a sports car to pursue and stop all six racers before they complete their race. Completing both Hot Pursuit challenges in the PC version on every track of the game unlocks additional police sports cars.

Overall the Game has Cool Cars, Hot Tracks and i would give it an 8.5 out of 10

TES V Rumor

So Eurogammer has a dude who was all like “I SAT BEHIND A BETHESDA DUDE ON A PLANE WHO WAS TALKING ABOUT THE NEXT TES GAME! IT’S A SQUEAL TO OBLIVION!” While that should not be taken seriously, Bethesda has stated that they do have a project that is almost finished. There reason for not showing it yet is because they want to have a ton of stuff to show off at E3. While they have said they could show it now, they would rather not.

I for one loved Oblivion. I got Oblivion because I liked Fallout 3, and I got fallout 3 because my friends said it was such a great game. The one problem I have with this statement is this “Its a direct squeal to oblivion” None of the elder scroll games have ever been a direct squeal to each other. Meaning, they start new stories every game. Not what games like Mass effect and halo have done were they go “We have won! For now”. What would the story even be? The Oblivion gates were closed for good. Not “We closed them for the next 1000 years. But we can let our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren deal with it.” No, They closed those gates forever. So what do they make a story of? “Oh this one gate didn’t close”? No. Unless they can think of a legit reason like the Mythic dawn leader dude didn’t die (even thought I bashed him with a staff) and has found a new way to open the gates, then they should not make a direct squeal to oblivion. They just shouldn’t.

Full article can be found here

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And we will build casinos on the moon!

Well maybe not. But wouldn’t that be cool if we got enough money to do so?

Game Releases!

So World of Warcraft Cataclysm comes out Tuesday. I don’t play WoW. Nor do I plan to. But if you’ve seen the citimatics for the new expansion pack then you would agree blizzard must make a movie. Speaking of blizzard there making some new game that should be out in 2014 I think? I want to say 2014. Maybe it was 2015. I can’t remember.

Tron! I don’t even know what that is! But there making a movie about it! So two new Tron games are coming out on Tuesday. On for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, DS, and PSP. And another one for the Wii. But those are two different games. So yeah.. If you like that stuff get it.

Yogi Bear! There coming out with a game for the Wii on… You guessed it! Tuesday! Oh what fun! So if you enjoy bears that talk and steal your pic-a-nic basket then go get that game!

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s:Duel Transfer for the Wii comes out on Tuesday. God who would even buy this game? I think World of Warcraft is closest to taking my money away from me and I know I’m not getting cataclysm.

For a full list go to

Site news

I got a dude to review Fallout New Vegas for me! As soon as he gets it… I wold review myself but I’m to lazy to play it. You might be thinking “HOW DARE HE BE TO LAZY TO BE LAZY!” Well I got three words for you. Assassins Creed Brotherhood. I think I’ll review that. That and black ops. I’ll get to it sometime this week. Most likely Monday and Friday because nothing is on TV those two days.

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Why don’t my Pictures work? D:<

Well why don’t they? A ton of images on the older posts seem to be broken by something…. I’m not sure if its the theme or what. I don’t really know. But yeah. I guess your going to have to live without pictures on the old post. Mostly because I’m to lazy to fix it myself.. I should get a IT guy for this site…..

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Why Minecraft has so much promise

This is my attempt to make a post on the site today. Just because I need to. And uh… Yeah. This was copied from my ModDB blog.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Minecraft. Possibly one of the best indie games, if not the best, of this generation. I have put off Minecraft because it got boring for me. It was repetitive and you had to work really hard to find the good stuff. So I started using cheats and stuff. Then I just stopped playing.
But then the Halloween Update was announced. I did not play minecraft  for the first time in a while until yesterday(October 30th,2010). And I will say, This could be one of the most important updates in the history of Minecraft.
If your asking why then I shall tell you. While Notch has released secret updates every Friday and sometime Saturdays, there small and not majorly important. With the Halloween update many things were added. Possibly the biggest edition was The Hell Realm, Also known as The Slip and The Nether(official title) The Nether itself added two new mobs, The Zombie Pigmen and the Ghast. It added three(I read somewhere nine but I’m not sure as I only found two so far) new blocks, Which is Hellstone(Bloodstone?)
Lightstone(Australium), And slow sand(Mud). I’m sure there’s others that I have not found.
This new update also added a Watch for telling time in the caves when mining. It added Biomes(This will be hard to find if you have a big world made before the game as you will have to travel to the areas were it has not been randomly generated) It has added New Textures for Grass, tree leaves, and wood(Although the wood could just look different since the grass and tree leaves textures changed). It added a use for the fishing rod(Fishing. Duh!). Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins to!
So this is all important because it shows us Notch can and will get things done. Notch has mentioned added Bats, Goblins and goblin Villages, Possibly Giants(He has a video on his you tube channel where he’s testing giant zombie things) and possibly Dragons! Or some other form of air travel. Lets hope it be dragons. Sea monster to! I’m sure Notch has some grand ideas in his head he’s not even sure he can make. But my main point in bold is Minecraft is still in Alpha. If Notch has come this far, what will happen in beta and full release?
I would explain what Minecraft is but since I’m to lazy, here’s a video!

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EDIT: I think I have to Self host to do so. So I’m going to talk to my friends that are smarter then me with tech and see what I can do.

I’m embedding forums today, and it shouldn’t take amazingly long. But we’ll see how it goes. We also got two new authors, and I’m working on getting more. So yeah. Keep on trucking!

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P.S.- Sorry for the short post, I’ve been playing torchlight, Just beat Brotherhood and Black ops so I’m sure to review all three soon.

NBA 2K11 (PS2) Review

  • Official Product Title: NBA 2K11
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Release Date: October 5, 2010


NBA 2K11 isn’t much different from NBA2K10, for a matter a fact, it is almost exactly like NBA2K10 just with a few additions. The graphics are exactly the same, and the intros are exactly the same. One addition is “Michael Jordan”. On the main menu, if you select “Michael Jordan” you will be able to play as the 1989-1990 Bulls, 1995-1996 Bulls, or the 1997-1998 Bulls teams and go up against any of the present teams or past decade’s all-stars. And for every Bulls team, Michael Jordan sucks at jump shots and can pretty much only make a dunk. On the ’97-’98 Bulls Harper is the best player on the team. He can shoot three’s and can go inside. The second addition to the new game is the defense icons. The defense icons point an arrow towards the player you are suppose to be guarding. I myself didn’t even notice them until half way into the games cause they are small. One of the rip-offs NBA 2K11 PS2 version has is that on the back of the case it claims “More Signature Style” which is wrong. I never once saw Michael Jordan stick his tongue out or see Kobe shoot normal. Instead each player looks like a retard when shooting. So the last addition to the game is the Updated Rosters. Which just means they have moved everyone to where they are suppose to be like LeBron and Bosh in Miami.

Video Games HQ Rating: 6.5/10

-ATM 23

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