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news today for the new mercs game

hello guys and girls today I’m giving you the some info on mercenaries will come out sunday8/31.I wont get it the day it comes out or the day after or the after that because I’m on my last vaca of the year.yep right now I’m about 45 mins form New york city.But I don’twant to bore you with it well anyway here’s what going on with mercenaires2.The new game is based in Venezuela its become a worn torn country because a evil man took over the oil fields so  whoever is the good guys (besides the U.S.A. because they always with the good guys)invade.In real life Venezuela is mad because they think the video game is gonna come true or something like that.I say let  those idiots think what they whant to think so now its banned.Also the first mercenaries based in South Korea and its bascily a war between SK a fake UN,china,NK,and the Russian mafia??????.But like all games thats has a war between SK and NK is banned but they might unban it since Sk is thinking of freedom of speech.thats all~thief man46


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