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I now have time to post

hey guys its 1bam18 here.I just got some time to post.School just stared about 4-5 weeks ago I forget all ready.Im really busy all weekend with thinking up ideas for videos on youtube.Anways I read that there might be three  more halo games.  halo wars is not one of those three.btw Something bad happend like the gammeing stuideo got shut down but they will finsh halo wars before shuting down for good.Im not sure about this but you never now.The 3 new halos are going to be about something pre/post the finding of the first halo.Note halo wars is in set in 2531.The first halo was found in 2552.anyway heres a fun fact for you guys.before halo 3 came out a person downloaded a virson of halo that was for microsoft/bungie team mebers only.He was playing halo3 while on xbox live(affter beta).mircosoft found the xobx live acount and baned him untill 12/31/9999.ok mabey not fun but it was a fact ok.well thats all cya


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