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the P.S.P. review

hey guys since no one bothers to comment I’lldo author stuff later but now I bring you the psp

The psp is already in my top 5 gaming systems and I don’t even have it!The psp might even put Sony in #2 slot of my top 5 companies next to Microsoft that is.Anyways the psp is so cool it plays 3-D games 3-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This was in development in 2003.let me repeat that 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nintendo was still making crappy 2-D games in 2005.Let me repeatthat 2005!!!!!!!!!!!Yea the ds came out but the 3-D graphics suck.I would know Ihappen to have one.So moving on lets take a look at what the psp can do

1.the psp 1000,2000,and3000 are all psp’s ok good no mess up like the dsit was i guess it would be the next game boy witch was fun tv,play music,and play videos now thats fun

3.the psp 1000 can be modded i like modding stuff downloading things and all that jazz

4.the use of the Internet that’s just cool


ok well that’s all hope you enjoy


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