come here to talk not only about videogames but your every day life


hey guys Its me I’m going to talk about the female mind.Well you see just about every girl I know ether hates me,likes me as a friend,or has no idea who I am and what Ido.But what girls don’t understand is that I do stuff to make people laugh.So why do they not understand that?Maybe its just because I’m to good for them,or they just don’t see me as a boyfriend.Believe it or not I was somewhat in the “in” crowd last year. But hey what happen to that.Well what happen is that one of my friends in the “in’ crowd got out if it.I don’t know how but he did.Sure I had other friends in the “in” crowd but he was the dude who got me in.So maybe its just because I was not in the “in”crowd last year.but hey that was different school.Maybe it because I hang out with my first real friend.Sure he’s not the coolest but he was my Friend when no one else was.whatever its is I come back to my point.The female mind is to hard to understand


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