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the opec

Hey guys it’s Alex here again.Today  im trashingout on the OPEC.Don’t ask me what it stands for because I have no idea but what I do know is that the OPEC make most of our oil.Let me repeat that MOST of our oil.So the OPEC had a meeting and said that they will cut back on oil production.So that means while our gas prices are cut back the price will build back up and our economy goesdown.Well this is good for the investor’s in OPEC and my friend.He said “$2.45 is a lot for gas”

“what do you mean it used to be $4.00 for gas”

“its still bad back in 01 it was $1.05”

“OK your making it sound like a bad thing”

“forget it”

well good thing i wont have put with comments cause he never goes on the computer 🙂

well ill post about thing tomorrow cya



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