come here to talk not only about videogames but your every day life

ugh school

Hey guys.Today I had so much nothingness to do.In first hour science I did my paper due on Monday within like 30 minutes.Then in second hour social studies we did a paper and although I goofed around I got it done XD.Then in third hour math I did nothing but sit there and nod my head yes and yet I’m passing! In fourth hour L.A. I reade a book and took a test.In fifth hour writing I did a story and a paper then got called to the office to try and help my L.A. teacher why some kid got ink over the floor I missed like half of that class XD.In gym we did gym stuff.Oh and before L.A. my math book fell on me and then while waiting outside the classroom some kids pushed some kid so my teacher said

“OK in class we will talk about how that’s not allowed” and I said

“can we talk about how math books are bad and almost killed me?”

it goes to prove math books are trying to take over the world

Oh what a fun day!


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