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look how far this game has come

Ok this wont be a weekly post but I will be doing this every so often.So today I’m talking about Club penguin I down right hate the game but look how far its come.It got bought out by disney.Disney is a big entertainment company but online games?From first glance it looked like the best thing ever but from what I call the “underground of club penguin” It looked like the world went crazy.Now pirates of the Caribbean MMOPRG looked ok if your in to that kinda of thing.I can tell disney is a big influenceon the game because it thowring a lot more partys then it used to.It used to be a party every two to three months.Now its a party every month and on top of that they extend it for about five more days.I guess thats ok if you are a five ear old jacked up on suger and need away to cool down.But if you look closer the people used to be like 10 to 15 year old looking for a place to hang out on and talk with friends.So I belive that since disney bought club penguin it lost its most of its first members but brought in 30 times more kids just by being with disney so club penguin makes about 5,000 dollers per month just by haveing new kids become a “member” and the now 6 year olds who used to be 4 Renewing there membership so to club penguin its about makeing more money not thinking about what would be really fun but would cost alot of money to do.It gose to show that a really good game became greedy for money.Now if some dudes from club penguin E-mail me saying that im doing something like I dont know makeing kids leave then ill say “deal with it I gave kids the truth  that you just put little money in to it so you can kep to yourself insteed of giveing some loyal customers real fun”.

i hope you see my point-1bam18


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    December 1, 2008 at 5:26 pm

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