come here to talk not only about videogames but your every day life


yesterday during lunch Me,Tristan,Parker,and Mitchell were siting at your spots at the lunch table.Shylin or whatever her name is came up to Parker and said”Nicki likes you”.and it happen to be my birthday and I was going to get ruffles.but some girl took it before my friend did.So lets skip some details that aren’t important so I made up a plan.Mich would run down to the lower level and yell “fire fire fire squad”.Parker would run down and dance with Nicki and he had to wear a white tux.then while everyone was laughing at Mich me and Tristan would steal back my chips.

It never happened but It would of worked.hope your next lunch gose better andd funiner then this

p.s.It wont


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  1. 1bam18

    come on lets comment on here if I do on my psp you can on your pc or mac

    December 1, 2008 at 11:44 pm

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