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halo 4?

the halo series came to a end as the master chief blew up halo thus ending the covnant,But what could happen if Bungie made a halo 4?Followed by a halo 5 and 6?With a few add on’s  for other things like backstroys along the way?That would be better then them keep releasing more and more add on’s like new armor,map packs,and mabey  even some new guns.Whats the point in that?If bungiethought about it they could make more money if every 2 to 3 years they release a new halo game.They dont even have to be new or deal with the story line of the master chief blowing up some more halos!they could be like the muitiplay map packet game that they did with halo 2.Or tell the adventers of when the usnc fought rebels.mabey even give some new gameplay like airstrikes,raids and so on.

I hope you see my point.


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