come here to talk not only about videogames but your every day life

Radio,Grils,And hickeys?

today my day really started at lunch.Yeah I had to go to my frist 3 hours but my “soical day” started at lunch when parker and morgan went on a date at was normal aside from parker not being himself so his girlfriend would like him.affter that I watched part of Radio in L.A..Then the best part of my day was in 5th hour spainish.MY friend cara was being stupid like always and drew on my hand.About 3 muintes untill class was over gabe noticed I had a hickey.The weird thing is that I didnt kiss a girl lately so I had no idea how or when I got it.So now with me having this so called “hickey” Im now somwhat cooler then normal.And on top of that I can tell cara likes me.So now im faced with two girls to date.Whom should I chose?


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