come here to talk not only about videogames but your every day life

christmas,gaming,and other things

How was your chirstmas?Mine was good I got a flextoneII amp by line 6 and a gibson hand made les paul.A new cover for my cell phone and star wars battle front renagade squad for the psp.I got some other stuff  like a chess set and camping gear and some game called logans shadows.Star wars battle front is really fun you play as the rebles though.But you can play as rebles,empire,clone,and droids in instant action.Affter dinner I went to my friends house to play ps3 witch is like a big psp.In other news pakasitan is moving troops to inda.Inda has the world 2nd biggest population.So I think pakastian is  in for a fight if there going to war.Well thats all for now.


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