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temperature day

Its so cold out that finally they had to follow my advice.Its 8 degrees as i’m typing this but it feels like -15 to -25.So they wont let us go to school so here I am.Now I got to buy my gaming laptop that’s $1,300 my dad will pay for half for it and with the coupon he gets for working at dell it will be $550.I have around $400 dollars and a gift card for $50 dollars that’s also a American express so therefor i can use it anywere.So once i get my alienware laptop(alienware is owned by dell)I can play halo,halo 2,halo ce,spore,cod world at war,and some games ill get thorugh school.Oh and sims 3.So now im about 300 dollars away from my gaming laptop(the ertxa money is for spore and sims and the othere games)Why do I care?You may ask?Because im bored and have nothing to do.

In other news I belong to the club penguin army RPF.Yes club penguin is stupid but im in the army for skills i might learn to lead a army.Right now im in the highest rank with in the navy without being able to give direct orders meaning I cant tell lower ranks to attack the enemy unless they attack us and im not in congress but i might be soon due to Governor elections.Im runing for govener of yeti.So remember vote for me!


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