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Hacking the Psp 3000

Now Iv kinda Hacked my psp 3000,but only by puting portals on it,Witch Sony dosnt care for,But now im pissed,Sony made the PSP unhackabel.They remade the PSP so it couldent be hacked.You can hack it but you would have to replace the engine or whatever they changed,With a PSP 1000,2000, kind.Now They have found a hack for the psp,But it hasnt come kout yet.So whats the answer to hacking it?Mabey we need to see what
software they used to make it,Then find a hack for that software and finally Crack the PSP 3000.Whateveer it takes,It will happen,and I might join the cause by learning how to hack and buy a old psp and hack that,Then try to hack the 3000.If we dont Hack the 3000,We cant hack the psp to come affter that.
-Alex N


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