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Game News 9/29/09

XBOX 360

Halo 3 ODST came out a week ago today. I picked it up Friday. I havnt beaten the campaign but its worth it.

No new world on Microsoft project natel…..

And I think Microsoft bought out Rockstar games. Or made a deal. Either or I highly doubt any more GTA or any rockstar games for that matter on the PS3 or Wii.

Whats the color for the PS3? Oh well Im going to make this a mix of red and black.

Well its kinda sucks to be a PS3er know.. but with God of war 3 comming soon I bet it will be your worth while. 

Heavy rain. It looks like a mix of gangster/mafia,sims and dance clubs. Not to fun know is it?

And not much else. I think EA has a ps3 game but It might be for xbox 360 to.


Since White is hard to read on this theme heres the Wii…. In a grayish color…..

Well they came out with a thing that scans your finger? Yeah keep it real Nintendo. Keep it real.

Well thats all for today. More next week. Alex Out.


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