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4 the love of Vai.

I swear. I’m going to go crazy if my computer keeps running this slow. Well at least I can use the internet. But was doesn’t make sense is that so far at 46% 299162 and even more to come have been scanned.  Out of those 364 viruses have been found in witch 350 have been fixed and 11 quarantined. If I did my math right there’s 3 viruses still hanging out on my computer. Who’s brilliant Idea was that? Well then again out of the 300000+ scanned things on my computer only 365 were bad. Considering all the things Iv downloaded you think my computer would be like 90% infected.

The Question!

Here how it works. I’ll give you a question and some were in the crazy post you will find it. So here it is.

If Bob’s favorite letter is B and Billy’s is B What Shanana’s favorite number?

The first to get it right gets Authorship. So answer. ANSWER KNOW!

4 the love of vai.


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