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Write a letter

Write a letter to yourself either 3 years from now or 3 years ago. Here’s mine.

Dear 9 year old Alex.

Your in 4th grade. Don’t get involved in dating until 7th grade. That’s when you’ll meet Dakota. You’ll know who I’m talking about come the first study hall day of 7th grade. Try to avoid buying a dukin doughnuts shirt in 5th grade if you don’t want people bothering you about a doughnut in the morning. Don’t tell ANYONE about moving to California at the end of 7th grade until you tell Dakota. Jarred(No not the retard across the street) will ruin it. Also in 6th grade Dominic and Kenny go to the other school. And your taller then 90% of the 6th grade and 20% of the 7th. Buy a Valve game sometime soon (Half life or Half life 2) Then you’ll find Counter strike, TF2 and a ton of other games you’ll love. Then you’ll find the Source SDK and become much smarter with it then I am know. Arron and Aidan get a lot more erm…. Hectic by the age of three. Go to Crary. 1. Every one you hate isnt there besides tony but he’ll leave soon. 2. Your closer friends are going there like Logan, Parker, and Michell. You’ll make up for the friends you lost and you’ll meet your first and hopefully only girlfriend there(I say that because you’ll love her so much you want to stay with her and never break up). Don’t get mad when your not told about Sam’s party that Dakota told Tristan and not you. And for the love of god, once you  meet Jeff Michell tell him to go to hell and you don’t give a F**k what he thinks.

There your turn. Leave a response in the comments.


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