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Hey! I got my hands on Call of duty MW2 and beat the campagin. So while I take a look at online and special ops heres a review for Call of duty 4.

Warring contains some minor(I really mean Major) Spoilers.

The game of the year for 2007

Call of duty 4. The game that infinity ward wanted to do ever since they left EA and medal of honor. Activison  approved of a modern warfare game knowing the World war two shooter market was dieing. In this game you play as ‘Soap’ MacTavish. The Silent Protagonist fights along side Captain Price(Who was also in Call of duty 2 based in War world 2. Is it just a reference to COD2 or is he really older?) Gaz(Captain price’s right hand man) You also play as a USMC solider in the middle east(Who later dies and you play as soap for the rest of the game) The leader of the USMC squad Staff sergeant Grigs and other USMC special ops fight with the S.A.S(Soap,Gaz, Price and others) To take down a missile launch.

Well there was something to fill that part up. On to the Rating!


Game play

The game play is great compered to a lot of the older Call of duty games. And also instead of old World war two weapons to take out people with just as old world war two weapons you get Modern weapons like Ak-47, M16, Mp5, Mini Uzi, M4, RPG-7, And other fun stuff. The one thing Im not to crazy about is the Knife. I liked it better when you could do some crazy melee action and bash the enemy’s face in. I also like the use of AI in this game. Its not as advanced as MW2 AI but at least  pose a threat. Its not like were you could run in and shoot every one with a Sub machine gun. You have to throw a flash bang or frag or something like that.

So all in all I give the game play a 9/10


I love the use of custom classes for better players. It gives you a reason to play the game. And test out some cool stuff. Like a M16 with a grenade launcher and Red dot sights with a skin on it. The maps give you limitless ways to kill your enemy. The Perks idea is good to. like stopping power or whatever else they have.

So all in all I give Multi-player a 10/10


The story is ok. I would of liked a better ending and some more missions better explaining stuff. And maybe even have as many twist in the story as MW2 did.  Oh and more flash backs. I also wish they went more into depth about Gaz. Like he’s just there. At least with Price we find out about his mentor and stuff.

I give the story 7/10


Its a great game. Get or try it out a friends house. You’ll love it.

Overall It gets a 9.2/10 on my scale.



Woman takes stand at Wal-mart Trail.

A woman acscused of cutting in line in 2007 at a wal-mart(It gets better don’t worry) is also accused of shoving another customers merchandise and assaulting police officers is going on trail. Her story is that racial slurs where being told at her because she was black. The store clerk called police for no reason and was unknowingly arrested.  Cameras show that she did throw merchandise off the conveyor belt thing and was being led out by police with her arm in the air. A third show her being put in a police car  and kicking trying to break free. If you ask me she is pulling the Race card(since on 13% of the town is African-American) saying that she was called on by the clerk because she ‘Accidentally’ hit some ones merchandise. I think this woman is crazy and should go to jail.

Full Article at


Well that’s all for know- From the basement of Alex_N


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