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Why Minecraft has so much promise

This is my attempt to make a post on the site today. Just because I need to. And uh… Yeah. This was copied from my ModDB blog.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Minecraft. Possibly one of the best indie games, if not the best, of this generation. I have put off Minecraft because it got boring for me. It was repetitive and you had to work really hard to find the good stuff. So I started using cheats and stuff. Then I just stopped playing.
But then the Halloween Update was announced. I did not play minecraft  for the first time in a while until yesterday(October 30th,2010). And I will say, This could be one of the most important updates in the history of Minecraft.
If your asking why then I shall tell you. While Notch has released secret updates every Friday and sometime Saturdays, there small and not majorly important. With the Halloween update many things were added. Possibly the biggest edition was The Hell Realm, Also known as The Slip and The Nether(official title) The Nether itself added two new mobs, The Zombie Pigmen and the Ghast. It added three(I read somewhere nine but I’m not sure as I only found two so far) new blocks, Which is Hellstone(Bloodstone?)
Lightstone(Australium), And slow sand(Mud). I’m sure there’s others that I have not found.
This new update also added a Watch for telling time in the caves when mining. It added Biomes(This will be hard to find if you have a big world made before the game as you will have to travel to the areas were it has not been randomly generated) It has added New Textures for Grass, tree leaves, and wood(Although the wood could just look different since the grass and tree leaves textures changed). It added a use for the fishing rod(Fishing. Duh!). Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins to!
So this is all important because it shows us Notch can and will get things done. Notch has mentioned added Bats, Goblins and goblin Villages, Possibly Giants(He has a video on his you tube channel where he’s testing giant zombie things) and possibly Dragons! Or some other form of air travel. Lets hope it be dragons. Sea monster to! I’m sure Notch has some grand ideas in his head he’s not even sure he can make. But my main point in bold is Minecraft is still in Alpha. If Notch has come this far, what will happen in beta and full release?
I would explain what Minecraft is but since I’m to lazy, here’s a video!

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