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TES V Rumor

So Eurogammer has a dude who was all like “I SAT BEHIND A BETHESDA DUDE ON A PLANE WHO WAS TALKING ABOUT THE NEXT TES GAME! IT’S A SQUEAL TO OBLIVION!” While that should not be taken seriously, Bethesda has stated that they do have a project that is almost finished. There reason for not showing it yet is because they want to have a ton of stuff to show off at E3. While they have said they could show it now, they would rather not.

I for one loved Oblivion. I got Oblivion because I liked Fallout 3, and I got fallout 3 because my friends said it was such a great game. The one problem I have with this statement is this “Its a direct squeal to oblivion” None of the elder scroll games have ever been a direct squeal to each other. Meaning, they start new stories every game. Not what games like Mass effect and halo have done were they go “We have won! For now”. What would the story even be? The Oblivion gates were closed for good. Not “We closed them for the next 1000 years. But we can let our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren deal with it.” No, They closed those gates forever. So what do they make a story of? “Oh this one gate didn’t close”? No. Unless they can think of a legit reason like the Mythic dawn leader dude didn’t die (even thought I bashed him with a staff) and has found a new way to open the gates, then they should not make a direct squeal to oblivion. They just shouldn’t.

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