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Well yeah im Superpaco24 =P Pfft just call me Paco and i will be Helping Alex_N In reviewing the latest games and sharing ideas. Well we’ll try to make this succesful and Very popular. Ok thats all i wanted to say





Of the countless times I gave up on this site, I will come back. This is one of those times. I’m getting people to help so It will have more content more often. So yeah…..

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So sorry for never ever following up my last post. Iv been busy and I only did the pitt DLC. But I want to say one last thing. Even if this is my last post( which I doubt it will) I want you to know one thing…..


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Fallout 3, Broken steel and Operation Anchorage(Fallout 3 DLC) review

So I got fallout 3 Game of the year edition, Beat it, did broken steel and Operation Anchorage. I’m taking a in game break from quest for a bit so I won’t have the Point look out and Mother ship Zeta reviews up until this weekend or early next week. So on with the reviews!


Fallout 3. The long awaited squeal to Fallout and Fallout 2. With the fallout right bought out by Bethesda, Fallout 3 would get a big time make over.

The year is 2277, 200 years after the bombs fell in the Fallout universe. You play as Jame’s kid, who was ‘born’ in the vault. As your father leaves one day you go out to look for him in the waste. The waste are not friendly to many.  As you progress through out the game you learn many things about the main story line and the 100’s of others. The water is poisoned with radiation. So drinking it a lot could get you killed. You can also chose to listen to GNR or the enclave radio stations. The enclave is Propaganda from the remains of the U.S. Government while GNR is a pro B.O.S. station that talks about your actions and plays 1950’s music. Which is super fun to listen to while blowing a super mutants head off. That was a long summery so onto the Story review!


This story was great. There’s so much to do and how you do it, You can play fallout 3 for so long it will take you a few months with all the DLC to do a second play through. As for the main story line its self, I would say around 6 to 7 hours if you do it all at once. This story has everything. It has Good guys, bad guys, and people who are just there. I give the story a 10 out of 10.

Game play

The Game play is super. There’s a Level system and skills and perks system. Lets say you want to hack a terminal. Oh no! Your level science level isn’t high enough. But you only need 3 more XP till the next level. Well, Go kill a ghoul or something then Level up, Upgrade the skill, Chose a perk that’s helps the skill, and Wallah! You can hack it! They also have V.A.T.S.(Vault tech. Assisted. Targeting. System) Were you pause real time combat, target a body part, then shot it in a epic short movie. V.A.T.S. really do help. So remember, Blast them away with V.A.T.S.!


Overall this game is great, The story is good and game play is nothing short of Epicness.

I give this a 10/10

Broken steel

Broken steel takes two weeks after the events of Fallout 3. Join the Brother hood of steel as they clean up the Enclave remains and kill em all with a giant robot! Increase your level to 30 with new perks to!


The story is a lot shorter then Fallout 3. Like a hour or so if you don’t die or get lost. Although it’s short Broken steel gets you into the B.O.S for sure if getting into Lyons pride in the main game wasn’t enough. So you can say your a B.O.S. member for sure! Other then that, I can’t say much without ruining it for you.

Operation: Anchorage


Help the Brother hood of steel outcast get some armor by competing a simulation in which you fight in the most important event in the fallout universe next to the great war.


The story follows a squad leader of a strike team who is given some of the hardest tasks in the operation. And I can’t say more other then it’s in Alaska since I don’t want to ruin it.

Game play

Over all game play is the same but, since you can’t search dead bodys or pick up many weapons your forced to conserve ammo and try more then ever not to get shot. You also only chose from a few packs of gear so pick carefully.

Overall for both addons.

Over all I give Broken steel a 9 out of 10 and Operation: Anchorage a 8 out of 10.

There both good so pick them up if you don’t have them.

Well that’s all for know -From the basement of Alex_N

Does a long break count?

Well does it? Iv been ignoring this site since late November and I owe it to the few viewers who visit this site daily or so to update it. So in the near future I want to do these things/

1. Review Fallout 3, Assassins creed 1 and 2, Modern Warfare 2, Half life 2 EP1 and 2.

2. Get a chat box.

3. Translate this site.

4. New themes.

5. Get some people.

Well besides that, I really don’t have much so bai.

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Pandemic gets a Pandemic/Reviews/ And a whole bunch of other stuff! Game news 11/30/09

Pandemic gets a pandemic

Yep. Pandemic studios makers of Star wars the force unleashed, The Mercs Series, and those old star war games shut down. Who’s to blame? EA of course! But don’t worry you Merc fans. The kept 27 members to help make Mercs inc(Working title) The next Mercs game. So for all you Merc fans we at least get 1 more game.

Reviews,Reviews, and more Reviews!

Well I beat Every single Game on The orange box that you can beat(TF2 is mulitplayer only)

So That means over the next week or so it will be Review mania!

Since I don’t feel like doing something with Half or life in it title I’ll do Portal!

(Warning Contains Major and or minor spoilers)

The North Amercia box art

That fun game were you shoot portals to transport yourself around the map.

You play as Chell a test subject in the abandoned Aperture Science Laboratory . Only GLaDos the corrupt AI that Guides you and then betrays you inhabits the Laboratory. This game takes place Inside the Half life universe but it doesn’t state when. As you make your way through the Lab after narrowly escaping your doom you find that others could be trapped inside the wicked laboratory. So theres your summary. On to the review!


I don’t usually like puzzle games but there’s something about Portal that just makes me want to play it more and more. The technology is simple to understand. You shoot two portals. Go into one portal and come out the other. Of course there’s a ton of things that’s hard to understand. Like the Double fling. But I’ll skip the portal techniques to save you time.

I give Game play a 10/10


Portal’s story is amazing. You Only here GLaDos’s voice but there’s a lot of writing on the wall like, “The Cake Is A Lie” or, “Why? Why? Why? Why?”(Mourning the death of the companion cube) And a ton of back story. Since I don’t want to spoil it for you I just rate it already

I give story 10/10
Over all

I give Portal 20/10 This game is worth playing so get it with the orange box or by it self. Either or you will have a blast. I give it a 20/10


When all else fails….

When your 360,ps3 fail  come play me in online pinball i’m sure to pwn you ill be trying to find a few sites to play me on but no matter wear i am the pinball wizard 🙂

Reviews,News, and Sandviches.

Hey! I got my hands on Call of duty MW2 and beat the campagin. So while I take a look at online and special ops heres a review for Call of duty 4.

Warring contains some minor(I really mean Major) Spoilers.

The game of the year for 2007

Call of duty 4. The game that infinity ward wanted to do ever since they left EA and medal of honor. Activison  approved of a modern warfare game knowing the World war two shooter market was dieing. In this game you play as ‘Soap’ MacTavish. The Silent Protagonist fights along side Captain Price(Who was also in Call of duty 2 based in War world 2. Is it just a reference to COD2 or is he really older?) Gaz(Captain price’s right hand man) You also play as a USMC solider in the middle east(Who later dies and you play as soap for the rest of the game) The leader of the USMC squad Staff sergeant Grigs and other USMC special ops fight with the S.A.S(Soap,Gaz, Price and others) To take down a missile launch.

Well there was something to fill that part up. On to the Rating!


Game play

The game play is great compered to a lot of the older Call of duty games. And also instead of old World war two weapons to take out people with just as old world war two weapons you get Modern weapons like Ak-47, M16, Mp5, Mini Uzi, M4, RPG-7, And other fun stuff. The one thing Im not to crazy about is the Knife. I liked it better when you could do some crazy melee action and bash the enemy’s face in. I also like the use of AI in this game. Its not as advanced as MW2 AI but at least  pose a threat. Its not like were you could run in and shoot every one with a Sub machine gun. You have to throw a flash bang or frag or something like that.

So all in all I give the game play a 9/10


I love the use of custom classes for better players. It gives you a reason to play the game. And test out some cool stuff. Like a M16 with a grenade launcher and Red dot sights with a skin on it. The maps give you limitless ways to kill your enemy. The Perks idea is good to. like stopping power or whatever else they have.

So all in all I give Multi-player a 10/10


The story is ok. I would of liked a better ending and some more missions better explaining stuff. And maybe even have as many twist in the story as MW2 did.  Oh and more flash backs. I also wish they went more into depth about Gaz. Like he’s just there. At least with Price we find out about his mentor and stuff.

I give the story 7/10


Its a great game. Get or try it out a friends house. You’ll love it.

Overall It gets a 9.2/10 on my scale.



Woman takes stand at Wal-mart Trail.

A woman acscused of cutting in line in 2007 at a wal-mart(It gets better don’t worry) is also accused of shoving another customers merchandise and assaulting police officers is going on trail. Her story is that racial slurs where being told at her because she was black. The store clerk called police for no reason and was unknowingly arrested.  Cameras show that she did throw merchandise off the conveyor belt thing and was being led out by police with her arm in the air. A third show her being put in a police car  and kicking trying to break free. If you ask me she is pulling the Race card(since on 13% of the town is African-American) saying that she was called on by the clerk because she ‘Accidentally’ hit some ones merchandise. I think this woman is crazy and should go to jail.

Full Article at


Well that’s all for know- From the basement of Alex_N

Unreal engine.

Some of you might play unreal or unreal tournament. Witch is made with the Unreal engine made by Epic games(The Gears of war series is really popular and the Unreal series both  to made by them) You can download the UDK(Unreal development kit) Witch is a cut down free version of their latest version Unreal engine 3. You don’t have pay any fee’s at all. Unless you sell the game you made with  UDK. Then Chances are if Epic games find out you’ll have to license the unreal engine 3. So I’m going to download and mess with it a bit and while I do that here’s the link to the site

Enjoy- From the Basement of Alex_N

Write a letter

Write a letter to yourself either 3 years from now or 3 years ago. Here’s mine.

Dear 9 year old Alex.

Your in 4th grade. Don’t get involved in dating until 7th grade. That’s when you’ll meet Dakota. You’ll know who I’m talking about come the first study hall day of 7th grade. Try to avoid buying a dukin doughnuts shirt in 5th grade if you don’t want people bothering you about a doughnut in the morning. Don’t tell ANYONE about moving to California at the end of 7th grade until you tell Dakota. Jarred(No not the retard across the street) will ruin it. Also in 6th grade Dominic and Kenny go to the other school. And your taller then 90% of the 6th grade and 20% of the 7th. Buy a Valve game sometime soon (Half life or Half life 2) Then you’ll find Counter strike, TF2 and a ton of other games you’ll love. Then you’ll find the Source SDK and become much smarter with it then I am know. Arron and Aidan get a lot more erm…. Hectic by the age of three. Go to Crary. 1. Every one you hate isnt there besides tony but he’ll leave soon. 2. Your closer friends are going there like Logan, Parker, and Michell. You’ll make up for the friends you lost and you’ll meet your first and hopefully only girlfriend there(I say that because you’ll love her so much you want to stay with her and never break up). Don’t get mad when your not told about Sam’s party that Dakota told Tristan and not you. And for the love of god, once you  meet Jeff Michell tell him to go to hell and you don’t give a F**k what he thinks.

There your turn. Leave a response in the comments.