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Why I don’t have MW2

You should know by know, I’m into gaming. Gaming is like a second nature to me. But why don’t I have MW2 yet? It’s my Birth day next week(Wednesday to be exact) And I’m getting it then or over the weekend. Depends when I have my little Birth day party thing. I would of asked for it early like I did with Call of duty 4 but then that just kind of ruins the whole party for me. Of course I could snoop around and at least look for it. If I see the back I’ll be willing to hold it in until next week.


Do you watch All your History are belong to us on or Youtube? If you do you should know that All of the CoD spin-offs were not developed by Infinity ward(Creator’s of CoD, CoD2, CoD 4, CoD Mw2) but by smaller companys like Gray matter Interactive(CoD: United offensive) Spark Unlimited(CoD:Finest hour) Treyarch(CoD2:Big red one, They latter went to become the makers of CoD3 and CoD:WaW Activision did this so there would be a CoD game every year, Giving both Studios two years to make a new game) Amaze Entertainment(CoD: Roads to Victory) Rebellion Developments(CoD:WaW:Final Fronts, The Ps2 Port with a different story) And n- Space(CoD: Modern Warfare Mobilized, A DS only game set in the same time as MW2 but with a different story)

So there’s some fun stuff to entertain you with. Well Im off to go see if there is a new episode of Freeman’s mind or All your history are belong to us.



COD 6?!?!?

Cod 6 comes out on tuesday the 11th. 😀 i got it pre ordered at gamestop so all who are getting in ill add u or what ever and i can pwn you xD.


~ninja teh pwner

March of the Pigs.

Well hey there! Since I have aboustly NOTHING to post about heres a pic and a video



Not a nerd

Mirror’s Image.

Ninjas edit: Um i know this is a really retarded pic lol and im new to the site so peace out hommies!

I haven’t posted much lately. But to make up for it here’s super long post.

A new Rihanna song?

Yes that pop/Rap/Hip hop Or whatever she is made a new song. I dint listen to it but here’s the pic they put for the video.

At least Jimi hendrix didnt do anything this stupid.

At least Jimi hendrix didnt do anything this stupid.

The picture is just stupid. I mean really. Who chains them self up and puts on some funky eye piece? NO ONE! But Rihanna. My advice, Don’t date her. You’ll find her in chains when you get home. Only if her name was Alice.

Hey look! BLUE!

Were do we come up all these names for colors? Like Blue. Or red. Remember those things you did in 2nd grade were you had to write down the answer to what color the text was? And just to piss you off they did this.





Don’t you hate those?

A Quick short story.

Want to here a story?


Want to here a story?


The once was a story about a man named No.

Mirror’s Image.

Advice of the day- Never Eat Soggy Waffles.

-Alex N, Make of Fine Print.

4 the love of Vai.

I swear. I’m going to go crazy if my computer keeps running this slow. Well at least I can use the internet. But was doesn’t make sense is that so far at 46% 299162 and even more to come have been scanned.  Out of those 364 viruses have been found in witch 350 have been fixed and 11 quarantined. If I did my math right there’s 3 viruses still hanging out on my computer. Who’s brilliant Idea was that? Well then again out of the 300000+ scanned things on my computer only 365 were bad. Considering all the things Iv downloaded you think my computer would be like 90% infected.

The Question!

Here how it works. I’ll give you a question and some were in the crazy post you will find it. So here it is.

If Bob’s favorite letter is B and Billy’s is B What Shanana’s favorite number?

The first to get it right gets Authorship. So answer. ANSWER KNOW!

4 the love of vai.

Guess what?

Im downloading the one of the new Nine inch nails albums. For free! Why? Because Trent razor(The frontman/Only Real NIN member) Is letting us download it for free. So Yay!

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

Hey! I want to make maps for Gmod but don’t think Source SDK likes my laptop. Oh well all the more reason to get a Dell XPS 8000.


I still haven’t beat the campaign in ODST.


I want fallout 3. Why? Because its kick ass that’s why. But I dont have a free desktop. Unless I use my sever. Hmm. Oh well I should at least try and save money by having friends burn some albums for me.

And for those who are wondering. Why is the title Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom heres why

Green AV

Do not download this! ITS EVIL! It makes up fake virus that’s on your computer and wants you to buy the program. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

In other news!

On the banks of the Red Cedar,
There’s a school that’s known to all;
Its specialty is winning,
And those Spartans play good ball;
Spartan teams are never beaten,
All through the game they’ll fight;
Fight for the only colors:
Green and White.

Go right through for MSU,
Watch the points keep growing,
Spartan teams are bound to win,
They’re fighting with a vim!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
See their team is weakening,
We’re going to win this game,
Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight!
Victory for MSU!


Score 2620 Overtime

Game News 9/29/09

XBOX 360

Halo 3 ODST came out a week ago today. I picked it up Friday. I havnt beaten the campaign but its worth it.

No new world on Microsoft project natel…..

And I think Microsoft bought out Rockstar games. Or made a deal. Either or I highly doubt any more GTA or any rockstar games for that matter on the PS3 or Wii.

Whats the color for the PS3? Oh well Im going to make this a mix of red and black.

Well its kinda sucks to be a PS3er know.. but with God of war 3 comming soon I bet it will be your worth while. 

Heavy rain. It looks like a mix of gangster/mafia,sims and dance clubs. Not to fun know is it?

And not much else. I think EA has a ps3 game but It might be for xbox 360 to.


Since White is hard to read on this theme heres the Wii…. In a grayish color…..

Well they came out with a thing that scans your finger? Yeah keep it real Nintendo. Keep it real.

Well thats all for today. More next week. Alex Out.

Site stats

Well I was looking at the sites stats I came to find that some of you want to find a PSP 3000 hack website. Well not to worry! Im going to ask my freind what site he gose to and post the link. Check back for more updates!