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Need 4 Speed Hot Pursuit III (N4SHP3)…. Long

Hot Pursuit's Windows and United States cover art.

Developer: EA Canada

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Series: Need For Speed

Platforms:Microsoft Windows

Play Station


Microsoft Xbox



With police pursuits reintegrated into the game, Hot Pursuit’s gameplay now consists of two categories. The first encompasses standard racing, as it has been in its predecessors, The Need for Speed and Need for Speed II, in which the player is allowed to race against one (including split-screen races) or seven other racers in normal circuit racers, knockouts, or tournaments (which allow the player to unlock bonus vehicles and a bonus track). The second category is dubbed the “Hot Pursuit,” where police pursuits are included in races; the mode allows the player to select a standard sports car to race against a single opponent in a police-scattered track, and in the PC version only select a police variation of a sports car to pursue and stop all six racers before they complete their race. Completing both Hot Pursuit challenges in the PC version on every track of the game unlocks additional police sports cars.

Overall the Game has Cool Cars, Hot Tracks and i would give it an 8.5 out of 10



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